de the oasis house

Who are we?

You've always imagined this country house with the shutters open, the children's washing drying outside and the cherry trees in blossom. Perhaps you hadn't imagined it with your work colleagues strolling, coffee in hand, towards the hut at the bottom of the garden.

And yet, it's time to make our Epinal images coincide with our realities. Work occupies a considerable place in our lives. Why not make it more enveloping, more generous, more connected to our deepest desires for a connection with nature, with others, for sharing, for charm and delicacy?

Why not, like the English, unleash our postures: their "bleisure" combines "business" and "leisure" without complex. For us, the ultimate pleasure is waking up to birdsong (not an app that imitates birdsong), brainstorming under a tree, recharging our batteries by a river, without giving up the effervescence of connectivity. Tall grass... and headphones.

We all have this childhood dream of a country house. It sticks to us because it's the ultimate antidote to the alienation of the city and the pointless hustle and bustle. Let us offer you this invigorating working ground full of promise, where calm and creative vibrancy sit peacefully side by side. Let us find, with you, new ways of breaking down barriers, new free inspirations, new creative outlets. Let's not stay locked in. Let's open the shutters.


Camille Personnat and Guillaume Prigent, the two co-founders of The Oasis House.

In October 2022, Camille Personnat and Guillaume Prigent announced that they had raised more than 7 million euros, mainly from Otium Capital, a venture capital fund owned by entrepreneur Pierre-Edouard Stérin, founder of SmartBox Groupe and investor.

The team

Founded in 2022, The Oasis House is a start-up offering a collection of lifestyle homes designed for corporate seminars and recurring stays. But above all, it's the story of a meeting between two sectors - the hotel business and real estate - embodied by two entrepreneurs: Camille Personnat and Guillaume Prigent. Drawing on their respective experience, they decided to pursue a clear vision: to reinvent work by bringing it back to life in a natural, green setting.

Camille Personnat comes from the luxury and hotel industries. After studying at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (Switzerland), she joined the Les Airelles luxury hotel chain developed by LOV Group in 2017. She subsequently continued her career in the same field, joining the ranks of AirBnb in 2019. Camille Personnat is above all a born entrepreneur: in 2018, after graduating from the HEC Entrepreneurs program, she founded her first company. In February 2022, after several months as an incubated entrepreneur at Otium Capital, she will be joined by Guillaume Prigent to develop The Oasis House.

Guillaume Prigent has made real estate his career. A graduate of ESSEC Business School, in 2016 he joined Paris-based investment bank Goldman Sachs as a real estate investor and asset manager. He was involved in the acquisition, rehabilitation and disposal of dozens of real estate assets in France and abroad. At the same time, he himself pursued a career as a private investor, acquiring and restructuring several housing units and founding a coliving company.


The Oasis House provides companies with warm, fully equipped homes (meeting rooms, relaxation areas, cultural and sporting activities, etc.) and personalized support in organizing recurring stays as well as in choosing activities. The Oasis House is committed to offering locations close to all amenities, and promises different, easily accessible destinations close to urban centers in a variety of French regions (Ile de France, Provence, Normandy, etc.).