Welcome to our green oases, a haven of peace for body and mind!

Nestled in the heart of nature, our homes in perfect symbiosis with their surroundings invite you to an experience of (un)connection. You'll discover paths where your steps slow down, where your thoughts are slowly caught up in the whispers of nature... A break is in order.

The OH!experience in maxi relaxation mode The OH!experience has developed holistic living principles that it applies to its homes. Nothing too abstract, just a quest for harmony that's efficient, present and everyday. The presence of nature and the comfort that surrounds you place you in a moment of trust and relaxation. You're ready for yourself, and for others.

Every activity or ritual we've carefully developed is designed to help your body and mind blossom. Whether it's through guided meditation sessions to calm your mind, creative activities to express your artistic essence, or moments of connection with nature to reconnect with your deepest self.

We focus on your well-being in every room of our homes. We believe that taking care of yourself in all these dimensions is the key to restful sleep and a healthy, balanced diet.

We are here to help you better understand your deepest needs, so that together we can co-create the experience best suited to your well-being. We want your stay at our Oasis to be a true encounter with yourself, a reconnection with what's essential, a source of fulfillment - personally and as a team.

Comfort as a top priority

It's important to sleep well, eat well and feel at home during your stay. We believe in harmonizing these three elements as a catalyst for living. Better living for yourself and with others. To ensure peaceful, restful nights, we've introduced a unique concept: the pillow bar. Each guest can choose a pillow specially designed to suit his or her physiological nature and preferences. Our rooms are furnished with great care to provide ultra-comfortable bedding. Top-quality mattresses and sheets that envelop you in a cocoon of softness guarantee a rejuvenating night's sleep. At The Oasis House, comfort is a way of life, a rule of living. We won't deviate from it.

An enchanting natural setting

The soothing atmosphere of nature is the ideal setting for reflection, creativity and learning. Birdsong, babbling brooks and the scent of flowers in the air invite you to relax and contemplate. From invigorating strolls in the forest to outdoor meditation sessions and suspended moments by a peaceful pond, every moment is an opportunity to rediscover a form of natural harmony. At The Oasis House, nature is our guide, our source of inspiration, distilling its charms into your work meetings, your moments of relaxation or your outdoor activities: the most exceptional of all is nature! Come and recharge your batteries in our enchanting natural setting.

In a garden with table and chairs
someone during a session of yoga

Connect to your well-being

At The Oasis House, we create experiences and rituals that will recharge and inspire you. For those seeking to meditate and find a form of serenity, we provide yoga mats and meditation cushions. You can enjoy dedicated spaces to practice your mindfulness exercises, surrounded by the beauty of nature. We offer "Do It Yourself" activities that will awaken your creativity.

"Boost your creativity by rediscovering your childlike soul, sleep well, take a few minutes to relax in a garden, interact differently... These are the simple, privileged
moments you'll experience in each of our homes".

"At TOH, we have one conviction: employee performance is directly linked to their well-being. Meeting with us should be an opportunity to take care of yourself through wellness markers that are part of our DNA."

Florence Kobalski,
SPA Director