Welcome to The Oasis House. We hope that your country experience in our homes will make you grow OH! with satisfaction. To this end, we've put a lot of thought into the selection of our homes, and the resulting collection is ... how can I put this? OHpréssionnante?

Turnkey OHmaisons have the qualities you can't do without: beautiful, elegant, comfortable, spacious and welcoming homes. But they also have more rare and intangible qualities: they have that extra element that makes you dream, before, during and after... The soul of a shared home. Our hotel and real estate experts will be with you every step of the way, to meet your needs, satisfy your desires, and make your stay even smoother.

The aim is clear: to enable you to share simple moments in life, to create cohesion and a sense of closeness with your colleagues and loved ones. It's in the countryside that hearts open up and eyes shine brighter (memorable OH! moments guaranteed).

Let yourself be tempted by a unique experience based around two reconciled objects: tall grass and headphones!

"We work with you, hand in hand, to understand your needs and design customized stays that address your issues. We anticipate the naturalness of your experience."

The team at The Oasis House (OH).

Our OH!MYWORK activities

A pampered offer to pamper!
Discover our OH!mywork offer, specially designed for corporate stays, to enable your teams to recharge their batteries and disconnect from the world of nature. Outdoor activities to strengthen cohesion, encourage exchange and share unique, authentic moments.

A promise kept!
The experiences on offer are unparalleled: discover the richness of our regions through tastings of local produce, carefully selected cultural visits, with a team of passionate professionals; take part in activities of varying degrees of difficulty, get a breath of fresh air, away from the hustle and bustle, get away from it all.

Permanent adaptation
At The Oasis House, we can personalize your stay and your activities, according to your needs and desires. Whether it's a day of outdoor activities, coaching, yoga programs or tailor-made cooking for longer stays. Anything is possible, and we're here for you!

Our OH!MYTEAM workshops

An attractive & entertaining offer
your experience in our OH!maisons, our team will take care to offer you fun and attractive workshops that will put the bonding and good humor in your ranks: laughter yoga, painting workshops, creation of personalized perfumes, sports classes or personal development coaching... Everything to let yourself go to the creativity that welds, forges the imagination and founds memories.

Longer-term objectives
workshops stimulate the commitment and motivation of your participants, strengthening their mutual trust and their ability to work together.
By fostering a healthy, productive environment, encouraging your teams' well-being, listening to their tempo and ideals, you're sure to build a successful seminar. And behind it all, you'll set in motion a dynamic of respect and motivation. Convincing results boosted by the most beautiful of associates: Mother Nature.

Our OH!MYCOACH offer

The Oasis House specializes in customized coaching and training to help your company meet today's challenges. We believe that a company's success depends on its employees, which is why we focus our efforts on developing individual and collective skills.

Our programs are led by experienced, reliable and forward-thinking trainers who will pass on their know-how and expertise. They offer tailor-made training with targeted support: strengthening team communication, time management, project management, problem solving, leadership and much more.

We're committed to working with you to reach your maximum potential, improve your productivity, and ensure your long-term success. From group serenity, to green and back to work! Plan your next corporate seminar with us.