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Meeting efficiently

We provide you with real meeting rooms, equipped with ergonomic furniture and technology tailored to your objectives: sharing your results, budget workshop, focus group, team training, sprint or hackathon...

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Out of the box, to the green

Why stay within four walls to think outside the box? Brainstorming by the pool, walk & talk in the garden, debriefing sessions by the fireplace... Working differently is within your reach. Tell us about your great ideas!

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Without ever losing
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High-speed connectivity is guaranteed wherever you are in OH!maisons,
or in the easily accessible coworking zones. Everything has been designed to ensure the success of your individual work sessions and connected meetings. Look up, the rest of the world is just around the corner.

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Included in your Oasis

Picto internet


Professional monitors

Microphones and audio diffusion

Ultra-HD video camera

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Latest-generation control system

Stage lighting

Ergonomic furniture

Picto computer


Meeting facilitation kit

Mobile kits for working anywhere, anytime: blankets, cushions, mobile flipcharts, seminar picnic basket

Multiple writing surfaces

Picto dashboard

Facilitating your meetings

Guides for your meetings: ice breakers, moderation tips, facilitating listening and speaking

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Our offers to meet your needs

Support tailored to your objectives

OH! home for a day

Gather in our Oasis, to work and enjoy great moments together outside the office.

OH!house always

Boost your corporate culture, promote team well-being and build long-term talent loyalty

House fully privatized by your teams

Catering (please select according to your wishes)

Work infrastructures just like in your office

Leisure facilities (swimming pool, tennis courts, etc.)

Relaxation activities (coaching, creativity...)

Assistance in choosing transport

Access to preferential rates for your employees on weekends and vacations

Storage space for your work equipment

An experience for every group

Workshops to help you get to know each other better at your disposal

Participant feedback and video coaching

Creating unforgettable memories together