Onboarding a new employee: how to succeed?

Successfully integrating a new employee into a company! Onboarding is crucial for the development, commitment and attachment of the new employee. How to successfully onboard a new employee? Here are some simple actions to make the difference with an integration course.

Integrating a new employee: our tips for making a difference

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to recruit talent. Once a candidate has decided to join an organization, nothing is certain. You have to make them want to stay. And quickly! According to a study conducted by Welcome to the Jungle, 33% of employees know at the end of their first week if they will stay long or not. Are you wondering whyonboarding is important? This concept defines the different steps to get employees on board. It will nurture their commitment and attachment from their first steps in the company. Thus, recruits will be armed to successfully fulfill their missions. How to successfullyonboard a new employee ? Here are some simple actions to make the difference with an onboarding course.

Prepare the materials to welcome a colleague

Equipment is the first thing on our minds. However, with the emergencies of everyday life, these checks can be forgotten. A poorly configured computer, non-functioning logins, these little glitches can disrupt the smooth running of a new job.

Stop for a moment: what impression do you want to give during the first minutes spent in the company? You expect your employee to perform well and be responsive. Set an example right from the start and confirm that you are going to give them the means to give their best.

It's rewarding to feel expected by your manager and your team with an operational office, and you can even add a few goodies in the company's colors: mug, notepad, pen. A sense of belonging is guaranteed as soon as you arrive!

Badge, printer access, address of the platform where you can take your leave: the best thing to do is to draw up a checklist listing all the items you need to give or send to your employee.

‍ChoosingHR tech solutions for onboarding a new employee‍

What if you were to show your premises thanks to virtual reality? Original solutions have been developed to arouse the interest of your future colleagues even before their first day. Indeed, engaging them immediately in the life of the company will avoid the phenomenon of "ghosting". This trend describes the fact that a candidate doesn't show up on their first day without telling you. This is becoming increasingly common with high-demand profiles.

Even if the welcome booklet or the welcome guide remains a must have. It is now being challenged by platforms that have designed real onboarding courses including gaming, e-learning modules to familiarize themselves with the history and culture of the company, a video of the manager, etc.

These digital solutions allow you to centralize essential information for the employee: office hours, parking access, meeting room reservations. With these tools, you spend less time managing the administrative part and can address more extensively the essential points: job description, vision, ambition, objectives...

Organize meetings to promote the integration of an employee

The day before his arrival, it is a good idea to remind the teams that their new colleague has taken up his duties. In fact, why not organize a breakfast or lunch to celebrate his or her first day? This will make it a real event and an opportunity to get to know everyone. The sooner a new employee is identified, the easier it will be for him/her to fulfill his/her mission, so take the opportunity to take a picture of him/her and show his/her face on social networks or the intranet (with his/her consent of course).

Blablacar dedicates a whole week to the onboarding of newcomers. On the agenda: training, discovery, meetings with the various teams and discussions on the company's values.

Even better! You can invite the newcomers to a team building in the countryside. Looking for inspiration? The Oasis House helps you to book the ideal place for a team stay or a company seminar near Paris or in the region.

Some organizations also have a sponsor or mentor system in place. This involves designating a person who is familiar with the workings of the company. This person can help your colleague on a daily basis. The goal? That he or she can express himself or herself freely. The mentor should not be his or her manager or a person working in the same department. This way, he or she can ask questions without fear of judgment.

Communicate regularly to retain a new team member

As soon as he agrees to work with you, the onboarding process begins. Make sure you provide them with as much information as possible so that they feel confident on the big day.

To overcome recruitment difficulties, you may have done some work around your employer brand. What is the promise made to candidates during job interviews? How did you describe the work atmosphere? Now that they've chosen to join you, you'll have to prove to them that what you portrayed is true. Be careful not to oversell the company and paint a realistic picture to avoid disappointment.

If you are their direct manager, you can schedule a weekly review during their first three months to get feedback and ensure they are making good progress on projects. From the beginning, set goals for them, such as SMART goals.

You can also ask them to write a surprise report. You don't know what this consists of? This synthetic note allows him to share with you his analysis of the processes and the "surprising" points observed, another way to exchange and question his satisfaction.

19% of permanent contracts were broken during the trial period in 2019, according to Dares. Yes, one employee out of five does not continue with the company after spending a few weeks there. However, their recruitment has mobilized skills and generated significant costs. The onboarding of a new employee must be meticulously prepared and thought out within a global logic of employee loyalty and retention.